Our Tax Refund Service

‚ÄčThe tax refund service we provide is fast and efficient. It's also REALLY CHEAP. In fact we have the LOWEST TAX REFUND FEE in NZ.

We simply require your authorisation to obtain information from the IRD and your approval for us to act as your Tax Agent. We also need your full name, address, IRD number and some other essential details. You provide this to us by completing our on-line application form.

Once you are linked to our agency, the IRD may send you a notification letter advising that we have been appointed as your tax agent and notifying you of an Extension Of Time to file your tax return. When you are linked to our agency, we are able to access your tax and income records along with other information that may impact on your refund assessment directly from the Inland Revenue. We use this information to perform a series of calculations to determine whether you have paid too much tax and whether you are entitled to any valuable tax credits. We ensure that you get the biggest possible tax refund NZ has for all tax types.

When your IRD tax refunds are ready to be issued, we instruct the IRD to transfer any tax refunds into our Trust Account. We charge a $39 fee for checkign and receiving each refund and immediately deduct this fee from the gross refund amount received into our trust account. Then we arrange to transfer the balance of the tax refund to your personal bank account, or we will post you a cheque if no bank account is provided.

We will notify you if you are entitled to a refund by email or txt and we aim to get refunds to our clients within 5 working days of receiving the application, although the IRD do not work to this timeframe.

Please note: Tax Refunds for the most recently completed tax year (year ended 31st March) may not be issued by the IRD until late May at the earliest.

About Us

We set up this website because most tax refund websites charge too much!

Our GUARANTEE….....We have the LOWEST FIXED FEE in NZ.

mytaxrefunds.co.nz has been set up by Tax Agents who are registered with the Inland Revenue.  We provide a fast and efficient service with the aim of helping you get back any overpaid taxes that are currently being held by Inland Revenue.

We have possibly the lowest fixed fee in NZ and an easy IRD tax refund application form which you can fill in and let us worry about the rest. The sooner you complete our application form, the sooner you might receive a well-earned IRD tax refund.

Our Customers

We have thousands and thousands of clients, which isn't surprising considering we have the lowest fixed fee in NZ.

You can APPLY HERE if you want to find out if you’re entitled to a tax refund.


"I just saw your website. I got charged over $200 for my last refund, I wish I came here 1st."

"About time someone offered a cheaper option, some of those tax refund agencies are ripping off kiwis."

"Woohoo?....more like Boohoo...you guys are way cheaper."

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"How come you guys can charge just $39 and other charge more than twice that for the same service?"

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" I called the iRD and gave up after waiting 30 minutes. Your process was so quick and easy in comparison. Thanks for the refunds!"

Liana from Auckland got $724 tax back! How much will you get?

And she only paid a $39 processing fee

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