Our low on-line tax refund application fee for non IR3 cleints is just $39 for each refund issued, regardless of how big your tax refund is.

Whereas other tax agents might charge you several hundred dollars for the same service, we charge a maximum of $39 per tax year. We don't need to hide our fees in the small print or FAQ's like many other on-line tax agents do because our fees are so low and we have nothing to hide. We simply have the lowest fees in NZ for tax refund processing.

If you have operated a rideshare business (ie UBER) our return preparation fee is $149+gst

If you have received income from a rental property, our minimum fee is $199+gst per property to prepare your return.

If you have sold a property subject to the Brightline Test our IR833 filing fee is $149+gst

If an IR3 is required, for any other reason, or you have received schedular income, our filing fee is $89+gst. 

These low fees apply to all tax refunds, for all tax types and for all years either checked, assessed or received by our agency. This fee only applies to on-line applications received via this website. Our fees are charged for the service provided in assessing or checking or assessing eligibility for any tax credits, or filing any tax return or claiming any NZ tax refunds for any tax type. Our fees are deducted immediately upon receipt of your tax refund into our Trust Account. We do not offer a service to claim overseas tax refunds, only NZ tax refunds.

Additionally a $3 fee per refund is charged for ID verification. We have to ensure that you are who you claim to be.

If you do not provide a valid bank account or if the IRD tax refund is issued by cheque, our cheque processing fee is $5 for each tax refund we issue.

If a cheque is required to be cancelled for any reason, ie you have moved address and failed to notify us, a $30 cheque cancellation fee will apply. This amount will be deducted from your tax refund(s).

If you delink us as your tax agent after we have checked or assessed your tax refund entitlements or have filed your tax return you will still be liable to pay our fee for the service we have provided.

Shelly from Christchurch got $640 tax back!

And she only paid a $39 processing fee

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