SCAM ALERT (March 2018)

Often at this time year we notice that there are a number of scammers who try to trick people into providing their bank account details via email of txt scam campaigns. Usually this will be in the form of a scammer posing as the IRD or a tax agent and requring the recipient to enter their bank or credit card details to receive a tax refund. Often they will tell you that you have a refund waiting but just need your bank account details so that they can pay it to you. BEWARE! We recommend that you are always very wary when you receive unsolicited emails or txt's requesting your bank account number or IRD number. We will never request your bank acocunt via email.

2018 Tax Year coming to an end (March 2018)

The tax year ends on 31st March 2018. Once your employer has notified the IRD of your income and tax paid during March we will undertake an assessment to determine your eligibility for another tax refund. Some employers won't update employee records until late April. The IRD will issue the 2018 tax refunds from early June.

IRD number application changes (October 2015)

From 1 October 2015 new rules require international customers to have a New Zealand bank account number before applying for a New Zealand IRD number. They need to include the bank account number on their IRD number application form. The Inland Revenue have introduced two new application forms on 1 October for international customers to provide this information. One form is for individuals and the other form is for entities (for example, companies, trusts and partnerships).

2015 Tax Refunds Being Released (June 2015)

That's right, we've started issuing thousands of tax refunds to our clients. We expect the vast majority of refunds to be issued by the end of June. However, some people may experience some delays and may not receive their refund until July or August rest assured we are working tirelessy to get all refunds issued as fast as possible.

Removal of the Government KiwiSaver $1,000 contribution (May 2015)

As part of the Budget 2015 announcement, the $1,000 kick-start contribution Government makes to new KiwiSaver members’ accounts has been removed. People who have joined KiwiSaver before 2pm, 21 May 2015 will get the kick-start contribution.

2015 Tax Refunds (March 2015)

Over the next few weeks we will start reviewing our clients entitlement for a 2015 tax refund. Ordinarily we aim to get our refunds to our clients within 5 working days of receiving their application, however refunds for the 2015 tax year will not be issued by the Inland Revenue until mid June at the earliest. There may be a few reasons why your refund takes longer than this, such as:

Inland Revenue have issued the wrong type of return so we need to contact them to get the correct return issued

Inland Revenue have placed your refund into review

Please don’t worry if your account has gone into review. You can rest assured that we are working hard and talking to Inland Revenue directly to get your refund released as soon as possible. Some reasons as to why your refund could be in review are:

  • Inland Revenue are reviewing your Working for Families entitlement (this is the most common reason).
  • Your partner or spouse needs to file an IR3 return.
  • Your refund amount is a large refund ie over $2,500
  • Income details from your employer need to be confirmed. Your employer may not yet have advised the Inland Revenue of how much tax has been deducted from your wages.
  • An assessment of your student loan repayment obligation is still taking place.
  • You owe Child Support and Inland Revenue are assessing your obligations.

If your refund has not been released after the time frame Inland Revenue has provided, we will then contact them again and get a referral sent to remove the error holding up the refund. We check weekly for any changes and will contact you as soon as an update can be provided. Should you have questions regarding your refund please feel free to email us with your details or call us on 0900 REFUND.

‚ÄčInland Revenue Tax Agent “Security Audit” Results (Dec 2014) takes its obligations very seriously – in fact we aim for perfection at all times. A recent Inland Revenue ‘AUTHORITY TO ACT’ check in October confirmed we’re still on the right track. The Inland Revenue check our processes to make sure we meet their strict parameters before we act on behalf of our clients. I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that we passed this check with flying colours again this year and scored a perfect 100%. This means that when you join our tax agency, you can be assured that we operate in accordance with the directives of the Inland Revenue regarding the linking of clients to our agency. We meet the Inland Revenues required standard to act on your behalf and will always do so with your best interests in mind.

The Parental Tax Credit has increased this year (Nov 2014)

For the 2015 tax year, the government, as part of their election promise has increased the value of the Parental Tax Credit (PTC). Previously, if you had a new child, depending on your personal circumstances, you may have been entitled to $150 per week for 8 weeks or a total of $1,200 in total. However, the PTC has increased to $220 per week for 10 weeks. The total value of this tax credit is now potentially $2,200, so if you have had a new child during the past year it’s definitely worth letting us know so that we can ensure you receive this money.

Scammer Jailed (Sept 2014)

Recently we have heard of several IRD phone scams that were operating in and around the Auckland area.

We are now able to report that the head of a highly organised syndicate of scammers has recently been jailed for a period of four years. Katrina Briggs of Mangere, led a syndicate that used friends, family and social media contacts to claim 270 tax refunds she was not entitled to. This amounted to a total of $1.16 million dollars of tax payers money. 18 people had been working on Briggs' behalf collecting tax information through Facebook, knocking on doors and approaching people in shopping malls pretending to be tax agents. The collectors were paid a cut of the refunds they helped to fraudulently collect for Briggs. Briggs was sentenced to a total of four years and three months jail in the Manukau District Court after pleading guilty to a representative charge of 'causing loss by deception'. Judge Gerard Winter told Briggs her offending was against every New Zealand taxpayer.

The NZ Police have confirmed that 18 other people have been sentenced in connection with this case.


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